There comes a time in the growth of every person or business when you need help from someone with extensive experience to come in from the outside with new ideas and insights to help your personal life or business succeed. This is where our team at the Center for Individual Excellence can help. Our team of experts are experience in helping you work through issues and concerns in your business and personal development.

Depending on what your needs is and what program you chose business or personal development, our coaches will customize that program to help you or your business achieves success.

Our process

You will learn how balance your family life, your career and how to manage and focus on your goals and desires.

The content

You will learn how to:

  • Learn what forms your beliefs
  • Accept who you are
  • Addresses how to overcome your inner and outer fears
  • Defining the "Self" Purpose
  • Learn what influences the "Self"
  • Gives you steps to help you go where you need to be
  • Explains the hierarchy of life
  • Get control of your life
  • How to set personal Goals
  • Identify your personality and how to guide it
  • Asking for help
  • Setting expectations
  • Focus
  • And much more

Benefits of Program

The personal development Coaching Program, you will:

  • Set and achieve goals in your areas of life;
  • Help increase your income 10 to 25 % per year;
  • Create a complete blueprint for your life and work;
  • Establish priorities and focus on your values;
  • Take off on vacation each year without feeling guilty;
  • Work less and get more done than ever before;
  • Unlock the powers of your subconscious mind;
  • Identify and develop your special talents and abilities;
  • Determine the Key Result Areas of your business;
  • You will Set standards of excellent performance in everything you do;
  • Manage yourself and your time with efficiency;
  • Increase your levels of energy and creativity;
  • Dramatically improve the quality of your family life;
  • Spend more time doing more things you enjoy;
  • Unlock your full potential for higher achievement;

Our Process

will help you and your managers complete a detailed analysis of your business. This allows our team and experts personal and professional coaches to customize solutions based process for you and your company, to assure maximum benefit.

The Content

you will learn how to:

  • Identify where your business, products and services are located versus your competitors.
  • Determine your core products, services and profit centers for immediate focus;
  • Set and improve business strategy in the areas of marketing, production, distribution and people;
  • Establish and identify systems to help position your company and products for greater sales and profitability;
  • Review, rethink, reorganize, restructure, refocus and regain control of your business;
  • Establish new goals, new expectations and establish clear priorities for action in a defined period;
  • Decide where and how to Specialize, Differentiate, Segment and Concentrate for greater sales or service penetration;
  • Assess each person and position to assure peak performance at every level;
  • Develop a complete strategic process to jumpstart your business in the market place;

Additional Services

  • To analyze and asses the client current ethnic market penetration;
  • To compute statistical data;
  • To assist in strategically implementing marketing strategy;
  • To foster relationships with ethnic communities organizations to integrate products and services to help promote niche.

The benefits of strategic planning and business development. You will:

  • Clarify the long-term vision of you business
  • Revisit and determine the Mission Statement for your company
  • Set clear goals, establish expectations and priorities for each person and each department
  • Re-evaluate and discontinue activities that are no longer consistent with the mission
  • Identify the central force of your company
  • Determine the scope of markets, activities, products and services for the future
  • Decide how and where the company is superior to its competitors
  • Determine exactly "who" the customer is
  • Decide what the customer really considers value
  • Set priorities on the expenditure and use of resources
  • Segment the market and identify the most important customer groups
  • Focus on satisfying your key customer segments
  • Anticipate the future and create possible scenarios to guide long term planning for business development
  • Develop plans for continued growth and increased profitability

Our team of professional will be your personal coach throughout the coaching program. Our team has worked with more than 100 companies and trained thousands of people over last 20 years. Our team members are all experienced businessman and entrepreneurs, having started, built, managed several business in all sorts of areas of businesses.

Coaching & Mentoring Program

Our Coaching Process

This coaching program is not for everyone. You must be comfortable with a one-year, intensive program that requires a high level of personal responsibility and individual inventiveness. The program is as follows:

  1. You register and receive an information package, pre-work for the first session and your schedule for 4 sessions over 12 months
  2. Every 3 months, you meet with your coach at a work shop and will speak with your coach telephonically every other week to review and follow up on program progress
  3. You go through an intensive process of business and personal goal-setting, setting priorities and making action commitments
  4. You learn a series of tested, proven, practical strategies and techniques you can apply immediately to get better results in every area of your life and business
  5. You are responsible for attending each session. You may transfer to another session, but there are no refunds
  6. You will receive additional learning resources at each session that can accelerate your progress. These are at no charge and for your convenience.

Should you have any questions, our staff is always available to assist you.

Fee structure varies depending on needs and personal desired attention

For additional information and to register for one of these programs, please contact us and let us know what programs you are interested in and one of our consultants will call you back to set an appointment to speak with one of our coaches.