Global Family Wealth

IFGFW 501: Introduction to Global Family Wealth

This course challenges conventional notions of wealth and offer guidelines for conserving family assets in the broadest sense. The course reviews principles and practices for family practices, family roles, and responsibilities; it is a rich source of global family wealth, workable wisdom that family members can put into practice today, to the enduring benefit and gratitude of future family generations.

IFGFW 502: Global Family Wealth-Preparing Heirs

This course assists financially successful families overcome the largest unaddressed risk they face: the historical 70% failure rate in estate transitions. The course provides a checklist for families to evaluate transition readiness and heir self-preparation. A checklist is also provided to assist in selecting a coach.

IFGFW 503: Global Family Wealth-Family Legacy

The course explores global family wealth in all its dimensions, not just financial. The course champions family potential. Global financial wealth is not the key variable in achieving true personal and family happiness. This course emphasizes Exploring the Meaning of Global Family Wealth, Family Parenting: Managing Money and Financial Parenting: Managing Money in a Global Setting.

IFGFW 504: Global Family Wealth-Beneficiaries

This course provides a comprehensive guide through the inheritance process that gets to the heart of a complex issue, both financial and emotional, that beneficiaries face. The course will also deal with how future heirs can discuss global family wealth, money and wills, choose global family wealth advisers, manage investment, and much more. Real life examples are used in the course to illustrate how to manage the difficulties, decisions, and opportunities that come with inheriting global family wealth.

IFGFW 505: Global Family Wealth-Philanthropy

This course addresses the most compelling issues facing the foundation community in light of the social, economic, and regulation climate of the 2000s. The course guides students through such topics as: global family wealth and the history of family philanthropy, asking why before asking how or what, foundations in the United States, external family focus, why create a foundation, what is an appropriate financial inheritance, and how should a family philanthropy be setup?

IFGFW 506: Global Family Wealth Management and Family Meetings

Family meetings are extremely important in persevering global family wealth. This course is essential guide to making family meetings more effective, productive, and worthwhile. A meeting that is poorly planned, drifts off subject, and suffers from lack of participation from attendees is clearly a waste of everybody’s time. This course helps you organize better meetings by taking you step-by-step through the planning process. The course provides a wealth of information and advice on how to make family meeting more productive.

IFGFW 507: Educating Children About The Responsibility of Money

This course reviews the preparing the family’s heirs by educating children about the responsibility of money. The course explains why you should take educating the next generation seriously. The theme of the course is, “If parents want their children to become competent in using their financial inheritance wisely, then they should implement a financial education program and tailor it to the individual needs of their children.” The course also explains why wealthy families should take educating the next generation seriously. Strategies are also presented that would help give the children the skills to manage inherited wealth.

IFGFW 508: Engaging Others and Family Members in Family Wealth Preservation

This course explores strategies that can be used to engage others and family members in family wealth preservation. Among the topics presented are: the integrated wealth transfer process, trust and communication, family meetings and the family coach, sharing family value, the importance of early teaching of children, developing the family team, involving your family with money, involving your family with your business, estate and succession planning, teaching your family to deal with professionals, and the right kind of assistance.

IFGFW 509: Global Family Wealth Management and the Behavioral Side of Money

This course examines such diverse and compelling subjects as: money and power, the very rich, the poor, how possessions and wealth affect self-image and esteem, why some people become misers and others gamblers, spendthrifts and tycoons, and why some people gain more pleasure from giving away money than from retaining it. The course integrates fascinating and scattered literature from many disciplines, and includes the most recent material to date.

IFGFW 510: Personality and Social Styles With Insight for Family Wealth Preservation

This course suggests that the process of achieving success can be expedited if we are willing to change. The courses discusses three key elements in the process of success acceleration: foundations, strategies, and tactics. If a person can truly understand why he does the things he does (establish the foundation), become aware of the things he needs to do (build the strategy), and change his actions accordingly (apply the tactics), he can quicken personal achievement.

The difference is found in a person’s willingness to change. When willingness to change connects with the right success principles and action steps, the inevitable result is an acceleration of personal achievement.

IFGFW 511: Systems of Family Governance

This course provides a comprehensive overview and thorough foundation of systems for family governance and the importance of such a system in overcoming the universal proverb. The course discusses the theoretical foundations and sciences involved in developing a theory of family system governance. The course also provides the structures and methodologies for developing a family governance system and the roles various family members play in the administration of the family’s governance system.

IFGFW 512: Trusted Advisors

This course provides a comprehensive overview and thorough foundation on how to progress from an expert for hire to a trusted family advisor, and the significant role the trusted family advisor has in assisting family members and the family in general in overcoming the entropic effect described in the universal proverb. The course discusses the theoretical principles and attributes of a trusted family advisor. The course also provides the methodologies for serving as a trusted family advisor, and subordinating oneself to the needs of the family and its members.

IFGFW 513: Families of Affinity

This course provides a comprehensive overview and thorough foundation on the nature and structure of a family of affinity and the role it plays in preserving family wealth. The course discusses the philosophy and theoretical principles of a family of affinity. This course introduces the important objectives that a family of affinity must achieve for each of its family members if it is to succeed in longevity in its existence. This course explains what it means to be a member of a family of affinity and explains why members of a family of affinity do not solely consist of blood relatives.

IFGFW 514: Family Leadership

This course provides a comprehensive overview and thorough foundation on the nature of leadership as it pertains to a family as an organization, and its enterprises. The course discusses the philosophy and theoretical principles of leadership and the importance of having outstanding leaders for a family of affinity to succeed in avoiding the prediction of the proverb.

IFGFW 515: Family Business & Wealth Transitions

This course provides a comprehensive overview and thorough foundation on the nature of transitions as they pertain to the transfer of ownership in a family enterprise, and family wealth, and the problems that arise when ownership or wealth successions (transitions) occur.

The course also looks at the importance of facilitating appropriate roles for the former owners of the enterprise. The course addresses the relationship between the generation that created the enterprise and subsequent generations of owners and wealth creators, and the delicate balance that must be maintained to delay the prediction of the proverb.