Living and growing organizations are actively engaged in constant learning and training involving all employees. When learning and training stop, so does growing.

  • A1. New Attitude for New Economy – new business attitude for survival and success in new economy.

  • A2. How to Shrink the World While Expanding Your Business – globalizing your mindset and business

  • A3. Stress Transformation for Executives – how to transform harmful stress into helpful stress

  • A4. Creative Work Attitudes – revolutionize work attitude for innovative work performance.

  • A5. Cross Cultural Management – embrace differences to enjoy harmony

  • A6. Crisis Management – 5 Cs strategies for internal and external crisis managements

  • A7. Dealing and Working with Difficult People – both internal and external customers

  • A8. Developing Thinking Leadership – for building thinking corporate culture and employees

  • A9. Developing High Performance Teams – team bonding and leadership

  • A10. EQ Practicing Organizational Culture – ultimate quality human relations

  • A11. Competitive Business Planning – when we fail to plan, we’ve planned to fail.

  • A12. Knowledge and Talent Management – Discover, Develop and Deploy K&T.

  • A13. Competency Profiling – uncover success factors for superior hiring and training.

  • A14. What is Your Business Intelligence (BQ)? – how to do business "outside the box"

  • A15. S.M.A.R.T.E.R. Management Systems (SMS) – for multi-talent and multi-tasking competency

  • A16. We Must Change to Master Change – for the changing organization to survive change

  • A17. Leadership in Crisis/Crisis in Leadership – when crisis management fails, it’s time for new leadership

  • A18. Developing Inspirational Leadership – first, be inspired to inspire others

  • A19. Women Leadership for Survival and Success – in the male-dominated business world

  • A20. The Z Leadership – the androgynous leadership beyond X Y factors

  • A21. Be Assertive – NOT Aggressive – training in self-confidence and communication style

  • A22. Develop and Deploy Effective Recognition System – recognition management responsibility

  • A23. The Power of 3 Rs for Higher Work Performance – respect, recognition & reward

  • A24. Certificate Recognition Professional – expert training for HR on recognition

  • A25. Creative Thinking and Innovative Performance – new challenges for competitive business

  • A26. 10 Competitive Edges for Winning Business – why business fails & how business wins

  • CIE Center for Individual Excellence CIE offers short study certification courses that provide a wide range of life and employment skills for local to global clientele. Our short courses are not terminal study and may lead to the continual studies towards higher education.
    2015 Center For Individual Excellence.