Medical Office Manager Training & Certification

This program is designed to help prepare students to enter the exciting profession of Medical Office Administration. The program covers the basics needed to help gain entrance and excel in the medical office environment. Students will achieve the exposure and training necessary to work in this dynamic occupation.

The Medical Office Manager Training Program is the first of its kind. The Program focuses on the non-clinical (business) side of the medical office. Further it is designed for professionals who want to immediately gain employment and build a career in medical office administration.

The Medical Office Manager training program is offered in three distinct parts:
A. The Basic Medical Office Manager Program;
B. The Advanced Medical Office Manager Program and;
C. The CMMP certification examination.

A. The Basic Medical Office Manager Program
The Basic Medical Office Manager training is a 90 clock hour program, in the fundamental aspects of medical office management. The program is offered via distance learning and examinations are administered online. This basic course is geared towards individuals aspiring to become medical office managers.

B. The Advanced Medical Office Manager Program
The advanced course is a 45 clock hour program in advanced topics of medical office management. The program is offered via distance learning and examinations are administered online. The advanced course is designed for individuals who are currently working as a medical office (practice) managers. Upon successful completion of this program, you will become eligible to sit for the CMMP Certification Examination.

C. The CMMP Certification Examination
The Certified Medical Office Manager Practitioner (CMMP) is a designation awarded upon successful completion of the basic and advanced programs. Candidates must achieve a passing score of 70 percent on the examination. The examination is administered online. The CMMP certification is awarded for two years. Also certificants are required to complete 24 hours of continuing medical practice management education every two years in order to maintain their certification.

Industry Outlook
The medical office manager is an important position in the medical office. The medical office manager is responsible for the day-to-day business operations and works very closely with patients, physicians, vendors and regulators. Notwithstanding the size, a medical practice is simply not able to run efficiently without a highly trained and effective medical office manager.

Usually the job description is very broad and encompassing, but normally includes; Patient Scheduling, Insurance Billing, Staff Supervision, Vendor Relations, Manage Care Issues, Computer Operations and other General Office functions.
Medical office managers come from diverse education backgrounds; some have formal management education, while others are trained on the job.

However many medical practices complain those, even candidates with formal management education, are ill prepared to handle the unique affairs of the medical practice. Further medical practices simply just do not have the resources and time to train and nurture effective practice managers. In addition whenever there is staff turnover medical practices have a difficult time deciphering the competency level of new hires.

Therefore in response to the foregoing we have designed and presented this program.