Schools are no longer the places for study but for fun, where life-learning begins and lives take shape. Education goes beyond the 3 R’s to integrating the 7 R’s. Teaching should be rewarding; students should love their schools as their second homes where they are nurtured for growth.

  • SE 1. Educating the Whole Student and Developing the Whole Child – a holistic education

  • SE 2. Maximizing EQ for SMARTER Teaching Skills – a new dynamic teaching technology

  • SE 3. How to Team Up Schools, Community and Parents to best educate children

  • SE 4. Ten Habits of Satisfied Teaching Profession - a proactive strategy for rewarding teaching

  • SE 5. The power of PTA (Proactive Team Action) for PTA (Parent Teacher Association).

  • SE 6. The Seven R's of Children’s Leadership - for grooming children’s leadership of tomorrow

  • SE 7. Putting Fun into School – helping students to love school and learning

  • SE 8. Learn How to Learn – creative and innovative learning techniques

  • SE 9. How to teach on High IQ & Practice High EQ –integrating knowledge & social skills

  • SE 10. The Secrets of How to Teach Less and Learn More – innovative experiential learning

  • SE 11. S.M.A.R.T.E.R. Kids – educating and raising children in the seven S.M.A.R.T.E.R. ways

  • SE 12. Tough Love Parenting – tools for encountering behavioral changes

  • SE 13. Parents and Teachers: Know Thyself – power of mentoring, coaching and caring for children

  • SE 14. Study Skills Strategies - increase your study skills

  • SE 15. The College Experience – how to adjust and excel at college

  • SE 16. Becoming an Effective Tutor – the principles of effective tutoring

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