Energy Efficiency & Energy Cost Savings in Petroleum Industry


Current global demands in petroleum refining
Challenges to reduce Green house gases (GHGs)
Challenges to be boost energy efficiency and comply with ISO 50001 guideddnes
Challenges to comply with ISO 140001 Environmental standards
Challenges to be cost competitive in global marketplace

Energy use in refining industry

Petroleum refining process description
Sources of energy use in petroleum refining
Opportunities of energy efficiency and savings in petroleum refining

Energy Management Programs

Energy Management Systems (EMS)
Process control and monitoring

Energy Recovery

Flare gas
Power recovery

Steam Generation & Distribution

Steam Distribution, steam traps and steam tracing, insulation

Heat Exchangers, Heaters & Process Integration

Maintenance – Burners, fouddng
Air preheating, Process integration


Motors, Pumps & fans

Motor efficiency, VFDs
Pump sizing and process piping design
Vibration and power monitors

Compressed Air system

Compressed air losses

Power Generation

Combined Heat-Cooddng-Power (CCHP)
Gas expansion and steam expansion turbines


Corporate Sustainability Goals
Corporate Social Responsibility Goals
Lead in ISO 14001environmental and ISO 50001 energy standards
Boost the Bottom line