Individual wellness is for better quality lifestyle and corporate wellness is the best investment for higher ROI. Wellness is positively correlated with ROI, work attitude, performance, productivity and profitability. Happy employees in a healthy workplace are the most valuable human capital. Both corporate wellness and humor save millions of dollars by minimizing health risks, while maximizing quality work and company profits.

  • WH 1. TQW –Total Quality Wellness – 9 modules to integrate individual and corporate wellness system

  • WH 2. Developing Holistic Wellness – the “4-leaf clover” system – Health, Happiness, Humor and Holism

  • WH 3. Increasing ROI From The Happy Cows – how to develop happy staff to increase productivity and ROI

  • WH 4. Balancing work / life satisfaction – ten ways to enjoy satisfaction in work/life balance

  • WH 5. Fun @ Workplace - get 30% more productivity from happy employees

  • WH 6. Developing Laughter Club in the Workplace – learn to laugh for wellness

  • WH 7. How to Make Your Fish to Fly – creative and innovative work attitude – based on the FISH philosophy

  • WH 8. Workplace Coaching, Mentoring and Counseling – train the trainer program

  • WH 9. Wellness in the Workplace - developing a wellness program for the workplace

  • WH 10. Mental Fitness - improve individual wellness through mental fitness

  • WH 11. Personal Wellness – how to establish a personal wellness program

  • WH 12. Preventing Job Burnout – how to recognize burnout and prevent it

  • WH 13. Job Performance and Chemical Dependency – how to deal with chemical dependency on the job and improve job performance

  • WH 14. Overcoming Anxiety – how to recognize anxiety and overcome it

  • WH 15. Productivity at the Workstation – how to increase productivity at the workstation

  • WH 16. Stress and Mental Fitness - overcoming mental fitness challenges caused by stress

  • WH 17. Stress Management – how to recognize and overcome negative stress

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