Changing family values and new challenges in the changing time are crucial for our children’s future. New innovative parenting techniques should be fun experiences for all. The family that has fun together, lasts together!

  • FR 1. The Joy of EQ Parenting – new and creative parenting techniques

  • FR 2. EQ Ways of Raising the Whole Child - balancing their multi-intelligences

  • FR 3. How Can Parents and Teachers Team Up – for best educating children

  • FR 4. How Parents Help to Raise Children's IQ (Learned Intelligence), EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and LQ (Life Intelligence) for Their Future Success

  • FR 5. How to Prevent Making the Ten Common Parenting Errors - a proactive approach.

  • FR 6. Managing Adolescence’s Attitudes and Behaviors - updating adolescence psychology

  • FR 7. Family counseling - train the trainer program

  • FR 8. The Agony and the Ecstasy of Courtship, Marriage & Family Relations – the XYZ factors

  • FR 9. How to Attract People You are Attracted to – Games people play

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