Highly effective women are those that get results! More importantly, they get results more smoothly, easily, faster, and even more abundantly than ever before. The purpose of these classes is to introduce leadership and management skills that will achieve results.

  • WL 1. Using Personal Power to Influence Without Control – learn how to influence when you don’t have authority or control

  • WL 2. Proven Techniques for More Confident, Enthusiastic, and Persuasive Presentations – a practical guide to better speaking

  • WL 3. Business Etiquette and Professionalism - using business etiquette and professionalism for career success

  • WL 4. Overcoming Anxiety – a primer for understanding and managing anxious feelings

  • WL 5. Methods of Problem -Solving and Decision-Making –how to use rational methods for problem-solving and decision-making

  • WL 6. Building Winning Teams – a proven way to increase organizational effectiveness

  • WL 7. Balancing Work and Personal Life – learning to manage the issues in work and personal life

  • WL 8. Women and Men at Work – how to help women and men be partners at work

  • WL 9. Your Professional Development – practical techniques for your professional development

  • WL 10. Doing the Best Job – how to remove obstacles to doing the best job possible

  • WL 11. Raising Employees’ Performance – how to raise employees’ expectations and performance

  • WL 12. Communicate Your Vision – how to develop and communicate your vision and goals

  • WL 13. Managing Change Effectively – learn techniques to help you manage change effectively

  • WL 14. Building Relationships Based on Trust – learn how to build relationships built on trust

  • WL 15. Discover You Leadership Potential – discover your leadership and management potential

  • WL 16. How to Survive and Succeed in the Male Dominant Business World –beyond XY factors

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