• SLM 1. Managing Disagreement Constructively – learn how to manage disagreement constructively: create a win-win

  • SLM 2. Delegating for Results – learn how to delegate and get results

  • SLM 3. Basic Supervisory Skills – stepping up with confidence as a new supervisor

  • SLM 4. Establishing Productive Relationships – learn how to create and maintain strong and productive work relationships

  • SLM 5. Building Winning Teams – learn how to make the best use of employees’talents through building winning teams

  • SLM 6. Handling Problem Employees – learn how to handle the problem employee with respect and tact

  • SLM 7. Avoid Mistakes – learn how to avoid common mistakes of the newly promoted supervisor, manager or executive

  • SLM 8. Motivating Employees - learn how to motivate employees with positive reinforcement

  • SLM 9. Business Etiquette and Professionalism for Executives – the role of good manners in business and the basic guidelines for impeccable work behavior

  • SLM 10. Developing Better Public Speaking Skills – learn proven techniques for more confident, enthusiastic and persuasive public speaking

  • SLM 11. So You Want to Be a Leader, Manager or Supervisor? – a hands-on practical guide to avoid mistakes others make while learning with the winners

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